The exclusivity of tent hangar ULA-S

• Stats wall construction allows you to use the entire area of the hangar.
• Perfect for storing goods on pallets, racks, also suitable for livestock, workshops, trade.
• Reinforced construction gates on both sides, with a height of 3.6 m.
• Quick installation, no additional equipment required.
• Can be built directly on the ground.
• We still have in stock and the hangars themselves and spare parts for them.

Tent hangar ULA-S models

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Model Length, m Width, m Height, m Spacing between arcs, m Gate size WxH, m Area, m2 Tent PVC, g/m2 Frame tube Price without VAT
ULA-S 110 12 9,15 4,5 1 3.7x3.6 110 750 Round 60 mm €4100
ULA-S 180 20 9,15 4,5 1 3.7x3.6 183 750 Round 60 mm €6200